Artificial intelligence in the UAE and its application

The United Arab Emirates is a country looking to the future. The latest technologies relating to all spheres of people’s lives are widely introduced here. Artificial intelligence is given special attention as a means that can make the world a better place.

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Features of use

Artificial intelligence in the UAE is primarily being implemented in the field of transport management, to improve traffic safety, rational distribution of flows, and reduce environmental pollution.

In medicine, AI is used to improve the accuracy of diagnostics, in finance to optimize all processes and reduce costs. The calculation of the government and other government bodies is aimed at promoting the country as a world leader in this issue by 2031.

In 2020, the Artificial Intelligence Council was created. This body is based in Abu Dhabi, and its creation was announced at the highest level. The Council is responsible for developing and implementing policies to promote new technologies. He is involved in the distribution of finances and the creation of infrastructure.

Partnerships are developing in this matter with all countries of the world, but the emphasis is on cooperation with American companies and organizations that have the greatest achievements in this area. Chinese structures are also being involved; the UAE leadership is interested in the systematic and comprehensive development of cooperation with everyone who can contribute to the development of AI.

Universities leading developments in this area

The development, implementation and use of artificial intelligence requires scientific and engineering personnel. The following universities in the country prepare them:

  1. Mohammed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence was established in 2019 and is the most modern, training Masters and Ph.D. students offering in various AI-related fields.
  2. Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi primarily offers programs in computer science and engineering.
  3. NYU Abu Dhabi provides education in a STEM model that includes science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Among the companies dealing with this issue are SoluLab, ELEKS, IT CRAFT and others. The emphasis is on the ethical development of artificial intelligence, its action in the interests of human society.