Czech glasses: advantages, types and choice

Table setting is essential. These rules reflect long-term traditions and the tendency of good manners and etiquette.

There are many varieties of containers for drinks, even an educated person can get confused in the intricacies. For each type of alcohol, special glasses should be used, they differ in shape, height, volume. The dishes on the table reflect the wealth, hospitality and refined taste of the owner.

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The history of the emergence of glasses

The history of the emergence of utensils for drinks has its roots in antiquity. It is known that in antiquity, the Egyptians used special bowls to pour a strong potion into them. The first glass containers for drinks appeared in the 15th century, their homeland was Europe. Experts from Venice created primitive containers on a leg, but then it was considered a great art, not everyone could afford such dishes. Over time, the design has improved and become more elegant. Each state had its own peculiarity of making glasses, this is associated with culture, traditions and customs.

Types of glasses for strong alcohol

Among the large number of glasses, liqueur vessels occupy a special place. They are presented in the form of graceful glasses on a long, thin stem. The approximate volume of the container is 50 milliliters. Most often, concentrated, undiluted liqueur is served in such dishes. If you turn to history, you can find out interesting facts that indicate that the first liquor glasses appeared in the Middle Ages, they were made of wood and were presented in rather rough forms. Of course, they have nothing to do with modern glasses made of Czech crystal and Bohemian glass. Even an exquisite gourmet will select glasses for themselves that satisfy their taste preferences. Huge assortment, unique design — will not leave anyone indifferent.

Today, not everyone can explain what a lafitnik is. But it was this word that personified the Russian drink — vodka. Crystal lafitniks became famous all over the world. Today, vodka glasses can be found in any color variation, with a gold or silver finish, it all depends on your wishes and preferences.

Each glass is a real piece. It will become not just a decoration of the festive table, but also an integral attribute. The combination of luxury, lack of frills and harmonious design solutions give the glasses for liqueur and vodka a special charm. When you cannot make a choice, it is better to give preference to the classic design with gold engraving. Such glasses are combined with any interior and are applicable for different occasions, that is, they can rightfully be considered universal.