Why you need a broker to trade on a crypto exchange

Trading on crypto exchanges attracts more and more ordinary users. To be able to withdraw orders directly on the site, a trading platform and access to transactions are required.

Only brokers with a special license can provide them. To understand this issue in detail, you can find out more information on https://wellcrypto.io.


The broker is an intermediary between the trading platform and a simple client. A trading license is very expensive, in addition to conducting transactions, it is required to generate reports, place deposits. Only a company with appropriate specialists, equipment and software can perform such work.

Among the duties performed by a broker are:

  1. The intermediary provides a trading terminal through which the client can monitor the progress of trading, analyze transactions, place orders for the purchase or sale of assets.
    Accepts money from clients and places it on deposit.
  2. Registers the client as a bidder, provides him with an alphanumeric individual code to identify transactions.
  3. Maintains the client’s account, generates daily reports on transactions.
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The broker does not have the right to independently dispose of the client’s funds, withdraw or move them. The intermediary only takes a commission after each transaction, its amount is calculated as a percentage of the total volume of the transaction. These data must be indicated in the cooperation proposal, you can look at the broker at https://wellcrypto.io/broker/okex/ to choose the most profitable options.


The broker takes care of all the rough work on the formation of documentation, the organization of interaction with the exchange. Thanks to this client, you can focus only on buying or selling, monitor changes in the cryptocurrency exchange rate, and respond to price movements in time.

A convenient trading terminal is offered, where all the necessary information is displayed, it is possible to organize transactions in automatic mode.

The intermediary provides information and analytical support for the trading process. Many brokers provide the opportunity to trade with leverage, lending funds and taking a certain percentage for this. So the client can increase his profit. Keep in mind that the risks are also increasing.