Details about President Shavkat Mirziyoyev and his activities

In 2016, a fairly well-known person at that time, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, became the President of Uzbekistan. Initially, for a long time he worked as the prime minister of this country.

But after the first president died, became president of uzbekistan shavkat mirziyoyev.

Features of the activity

IN order to more actively develop his own country, the professional man Mirziyoyev paid a lot of attention to several key aspects.

  1. A person took a responsible approach to such aspects as the development of the spheres of education, science and healthcare. All actions were carried out in accordance with established standards, as well as current requirements. At the same time, you can separately study several new directions that have been launched by the president at the moment.
  2. It is equally important that, in accordance with modern requirements, the effective creation of exactly those necessary conditions for the formation of a healthy and harmonious developed young generation was carried out. In order to do this, a professional person developed and implemented several new directions, which had a positive impact on the process.
  3. Another direction that was chosen by President Mirziyaev is the active strengthening of maternal and child health protection.

What was taken into account and developed?

In order to more effectively develop his own country, President Mirziyoyev promoted more active development of the institution of self-government. Additionally, many other organizations that work in the public sphere have been introduced. In order to improve the fundamentals, the professionals introduced some democratic reforms.

Mirziyoyev paid special attention not only to the implementation of basic social, but also economic tasks. In order to ensure a more harmonious development of society, President Mirziyoyev entered into agreements with several states, as well as unique international structures. All this had a positive impact on the development of the main directions.

Thanks to the fact that Mirziyoyev took a responsible approach to fulfilling the assigned tasks, he was re-elected for a second term. In this case, Mirziyoyev was able to gain about 80% of the votes. It is important to take into account that he recently introduced new laws, thanks to which he can be president until 2040. Moreover, all this will be done legally.