President Shavkat Mirziyoyev and his activities in the country

New hours are calling for new leaders and approaches to governing the country. They allow us to develop a more correct development strategy, satisfy all the needs of the population, and modernize the economy.

President uzbekistan shavkat mirziyoyev himself is in charge of his activities.

Activity at the President’s Posad

Shavkat Miromonovich was aware of the urgent need for reforms even when the head of the government was imprisoned. Having assumed the presidency in 2016, he began to carry out necessary activities. Protea of the five-year term was found to be insufficient, and its re-arrangement in 2021 allowed for the development of constitutional reform, which was created for the good health of the people.

As a result, the term of presidential government was changed from five to seven, and Mirziyev was denied the opportunity to run for two more years. The elections were held in 2023 and the president took away 87% of the electoral votes for his own benefit.

In his policy, Shavkat Miromonovich adheres to the principles of goodwill and economical cooperation. The two main partners are Russia and China. The Russian Federation receives more Uzbek exports, while China receives more imports.

Economic reforms and the removal of bureaucratic procedures are making the country deprived of foreign investors, including European and American ones. Greater confidence is felt in the attempt to create a commonwealth.

In the general sphere, an important aspect was the abolition of political disputes immediately after Mirziyev came to power. Women’s rights are expanding, they are becoming full participants in political and economic processes. The Primus family of children was fenced off.

Privatization is becoming an important thing. Parts of great companies are for sale, including packages for other investors. The president’s plan is supported by the implementation of 1000 companies and a large number of lands, non-rusting objects.

International business events seem to suggest that Mirziyev’s approach is important for the entire region and the entire region of the Soviet Socialist Republic. The economic outcome will be complemented by changes in the management structure. A number of ministries and bureaucratic staff of institutions that have been lost are disappearing.

The people of the region are looking forward to the continuation of reforms that will advance the level of people’s lives and give them more opportunities for cultural and economic development. Shavkat Mirziyev has a firm intention to adhere to the chosen course.